That’s Someone’s Daughter

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Most guys who have made it to middle age have lusted over a friend’s daughter at some point. I am totally guilty of it, but have never actually acted on the fantasy. I also have never had one of the girls blatantly come on to me.

The chicks inside of are cock-hungry and brazen. They go after their father’s friends without restraint. The guy’s of course know it is wrong, but they aren’t going to turn down the chance to nail sexy young snatch either.

Get up to 61% off with a discount to Don’t Fuck My Daughter and watch terrible friends dipping their dick into the sweet holes of Daddy’s Little Girl while Pops is only feet away and oblivious to what’s happening until it’s too late to stop it.

The acting is terrible and the set ups are totally ridiculous, but the girls are cute and the fucking is really hot. It’s a nice way to watch a naughty fantasy play out without actually risking your neck to live it yourself.