Sweet Innocence Lost

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When it comes to hot and horny babes, do you ever wonder when was the moment they really became a filthy fucking slut? Some may count when they lose their virginity. And sure, I can see why. There is definitely a transition there. But I personally feel like a chick fumbling around and exploring with her boyfriend has a sort of innocence of its own. However, the moment they step in front of a camera and show what a bad girl they can be, knowing that strange men are going to be watching, staring at their bodies, and stroking their cocks while they do so, that is truly the moment of no return.

I love seeing porn casting videos for this very reason. To witness a doe-eyed dame walk in a girl and leave a slut, not to mention all of the nasty hardcore action in between. That’s when I was able to use this 50% off discount to Net Video Girls I just had to share it. Half off of one of the best porn castings sites ever known to man? Yes, please!