Step Siblings Love To Fuck Each Other

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Do you have any step-siblings? My Dad married this bitch named Karen and she has a daughter around my age. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to fuck her. She walked around in a robe all the time almost flashing everyone, just teasing me like an evil slut. I never ended up making a move on her, but I sure as hell jacked off a lot to her Instagram pics.

Even though I’ve never fucked my own step-sister, I love watching this kinky scenario play out online. I just found this site called Step Siblings Caught, and it’s full of the hottest babes fucking their step-brothers. There’s usually some fucked up blackmail involved like “I’m going to tell your Dad that you’ve been slacking on the dishes if you don’t suck my cock right now” or something silly like that, but hey… whatever gets those two kids sucking and fucking is alright by me.

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